Monday, July 7, 2008

4th of July Weekend

Notable happenings........

1) redacted
2) Got my car stuck in mud. (my fault)
3) Stepdad's truck got stuck in mud (not my doing).
4) Rescue truck number one got stuck in mud.
5) Rescue truck number two got stuck in mud.
6) Owner of late 80's model rescue Jeep did not get stuck in mud; slid all over in blinding rain and mud (on foot) wielding a chainsaw, but managed to free all vehicles.
7) Stepdad's truck got stuck in mud again (also not my fault!)
8) Temporarily lost favorite hot pink flip-flop in lake (entirely my fault, and a repeat from last year).
9) Leapt fully clothed into lake to rescue said flip-flop; felt quite like Mary Wollstonecraft as skirt inflated and floated above the water (except for the whole suicidal thingy). Rescue operation successful.
10) Watched My Cousin Vinny with super-cool grandmother.
11) Ate approximately forty thousand calories.
12) Fireworks were quite nice, though no injuries or dodging errant rockets this year - slight disappointment there.

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Danny Nads said...

I watched 'My Cousin Vinny' too!