Tuesday, July 8, 2008

BP = 7,000/WTF

What. The. Fuck.

I have recently come into some items that I need to sell:

- 1 exotic lizard, digestive problems included
- 2 gerbils
- mountains of dirty laundry, stains included at no extra charge
- several reeking bath towels (mismatched)
- 1 extremely stinky dog with allergies
- 1 comically obese cat with emotional problems
- 16 moldy drinking glasses (those are actually mine, but am willing to part with them to avoid washing)

Pick-up only; you must provide your own vehicle and Hazmat suit.

Silver Lining(s):

- family immediately offered to help out with money. love them.
- no more animal bodily fluids on food prep surfaces
- never again will anyone in my home clean a sink with the same rag he just used on the toilet bowl *

*N.B. - I have determined this is the domestic sanitation equivalent to going ass-to-mouth. UGH. Kim & Aggie would simply die.

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