Tuesday, August 12, 2008

W(s)OTD - jaunty & fudgesicle

Jaunty is the word of the day today because it describes my state of mind - why, I have felt positively jaunty since I left the post office this morning! Let me tell you why.

I, ladies, gentlemen, and those who prefer not to define themselves, which I think is totally cool, infinitely preferable, and the future of self-identification anyway, am going to be a gazillionaire. Yes, that's right. I am now a self-employed amazon.com mogul. The next Donald Trump, only with a far fiercer coiffure. What is this brilliant scheme, you may wonder? Well, I'll tell you that, too. I am now engaged in the business of peddling the remnants of the five-and-a-half-year bachelor's degree (i.e., battered heaps of formerly overpriced obscure novels). I have been in business exactly twenty-four hours and have had three sales. Three! After amazon.com deducted its appalling commission, I made, like, six dollars! Don't laugh; that's more money than I've brought in in over a year. Ryan is practically peeing himself with delight over my newfound self-sufficiency.

Okay, I also had a return today. A minor setback, though. It's not my fault the customer didn't know Beloved from Song of Solomon. Always a good idea to pay careful attention to one's syllabus, kids. All Oprah books are not precisely the same thing.

So when I mailed my first two sales (and my future first return), I left the post office with a swing in my step only a self-employed business owner knows. The hobo outside the post office greeted me brightly, with a "Hello, ma'am, how are you?" He didn't ask me for any money. He just thought, "Now there's a lady with the world all laid out before her. Why, I think I'll start MY own business, too!" And I'll just bet you he loitered a bit more jauntily for the rest of the day.

Note to self - must get cap to wear at rakish angle on jaunty days. The only thing that slightly dampened my mood was my lack of a good cap on my noggin.

On to the second WOTD - fudgesicle. Fudgesicle is the (other) WOTD because fudgesicles are delicious, and that's good enough for me.


Homework assignment - Use both WsOTD in a sentence.

"Why, when I realized that these fudgsicles were sugar-free/fat-free, I jauntily helped myself to the whole box!"

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Mary B said...

"Jaunty" is also the name of the appraiser on BBC's Cash in the Attic. As in, Jaunty wagered that this would bring in 20 to 30 pounds, but no one is bidding on our early 20th century pottery. (Cut to Jaunty eating a fudgesicle.)