Wednesday, November 26, 2008

any reason to stop outlining...

This will be my last post for a few days, I swear.

I know you don't care about my marital bliss, but here's an excerpt from a phone conversation with my husband, who, while working today at our local Best Buy, ogled both Knowshon Moreno and Scott Speedman (btw, I had to google Scott Speedman because I never watched that crap show Felicity, so don't get the wrong idea about me)...


him: Hello?

me: Is there an ice cream delivery man?

him: I don’t think so, sweetie.

me: BOOOOOOOO but I WANT SOME. Do you think I can go to the store in my lingerie and rain boots?

him: Well you, can, but you’ll probably get arrested.

me: But I WANT SOME, and I can't put clothes on because then I’ll have to take my rain boots off and my feets will get cold.

him: Knowshon Moreno came in the store today.

me: Oh, yeah? Why are all the fancy people coming in today? Did you talk to him?

him: No, but I stood next to him to compare my size.

me: You what?

him: Oh, you know, I just stood next to him while he was in the checkout line to see how big I am compared to an all-star runningback.

me: Oh. Well, that’s a totally normal thing to do.

him: He really wasn’t that much taller than me. Only a little bit. He was like about my dad’s height, I guess.

me: Okay.

him: Scott Speedman was taller though. He was like, almost six feet.

me: So there’s no ice cream delivery man?



cgeter said...

Why was Scott Speedman in the Athens Best Buy?

Oh, and I think going out in your lingerie and rainboots is TOTALLY normal for Athens...

Jessica Nix said...

this is sooo what guys do to me allll the time and I hate, so tell ryan never to do it to a girl. OH and I saw scott speedman at little kings a couple of weeks ago and he was not 6 ft. Have a great break!