Tuesday, December 30, 2008

at the deep fryer

Last night I got to see my beloved JPo who had I had been missing for so many days! Our reunion was wonderful and all hugs and smiles and LOVEFUL, and she even hugged me while sober and didn't seem to hate it too much. We'll be mailing out save-the-dates any day now.

Then we went to Trappeze and ran into Dan! Hi, Dan!

Then we went to The Grill, which was really not on my no-food-for-2009 plan, but after 3 vodka 'n orange juices it seemed like a good idea. As I ordered, I wondered why they call it The Grill when everything there has clearly been The Deep Fried, so I decided to change its name accordingly.

Then I made my awesome duck face which everyone is always very jealous of:

(That's my nose ring glinting in the flash, not an unlaunched snot rocket.)

And nobody can do the duck face even almost as awesomely as me, but I still love to encourage everyone to try because the results are always excellent:

And even though I always say I hate my new camera because it takes shitty pictures, I actually love it because it's easy to surreptitiously take videos like this:

(JPo: "What's wrong with it?" me: "Nothing, I'm just taking a video!" JPo: "NOOO!!!!")

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

That is terribly unscrupulous. Do your duck face imitating victims know that you are able to place your whole entire balled up hamster paw into your mouth? Do they understand that they are being hoodwinked by someone blessed with luciously pouty lips held to the face by overly elastic perioricular flesh and a circumoral muscle only rivaled by that of a pelvic floor suffering from parturition? Grossly unfair!