Wednesday, December 31, 2008

meet the pets

Because the pets are such an important part of my life, I thought they deserved their own post.

Meet Steve:

I adopted Steve in 2003 from the Atlanta Humane Society. He enjoys sleeping, eating, and meowing at the door, regardless of whether he is in or out.

This is Charlie-Pickles Sanchez:

Charlie-Pickles Sanchez wandered into my mom's house one day about two years ago and stayed. Stayed, that is, until my mom called me and said she'd gotten the stray her shots and spayed, and when can I come pick it up? She enjoys stealing your food and digging holes outside.

This is Apollo:

Ryan adopted Apollo as a puppy from Pet Land about 8 years ago. In an unattended moment in the Pet Land shopping basket, Baby Apollo leapt from the cart and landed on his head, and he's been a very special boy ever since. Apollo enjoys staring, wagging, and wrestling with Bitty Kitty.

This is Bitty Kitty:

Oops, that's not right. That's just a picture of Bitty Kitty's soul. This is what Bitty Kitty looks like to the naked eye:

Bitty Kitty refused to wear the Obama/Biden sticker. That coupled with the snapshot of her soul make me suspect that she is a . . . Republican.

This is what Bitty Kitty did to the blinds:

Bitty Kitty enjoys biting you, hating you, and destruction of property.

She also enjoys wrestling with Apollo:

(video inadvertently narrated by Carson Kressley)


Anonymous said...

Ha, ha! I enjoy reading your blog Lori. Hope you had a great break. That was a hilarious comment about your "Republican" cat. Ha!

Anonymous said...

P.S. It's me "Steven L."

jeannie said...

Ahh, well, I guess some Republicans are okay! :)