Friday, January 9, 2009

C is for Corporations

Dear Readers,

Well, the time has come. I now have a crapola grade and have thus decided I must grow the fuck up and starting studying. What this is means is way less blogs.


You're sad. I know. So am I.

So for today, I will be brief.

This morning I drowned my scholastic sorrows in shopping. I finally, finally found some slouchy comfy flat boots, and I got a cute black dress that has some SERIOUS wardrobe malfunction potential, and a BUNCHA stuff from the $5 rack at Cillies (where I always forget to bring the damn e-mail coupons), but the real star of today's show are these sandals, also from Cillies, that I scored for a paltry $7.50 -

I don't normally cotton to used footwear, but these were just so so SO gay that I had to buy them. Perfect for this year's Pride parade (which the AK's better attend, birthday or not!), I am willing to bet these babies are a relic of some queen's Detour* wardrobe because they fit like they were made for me, and I haz the man feets.

And no worries, I have written both the wedding blog and most of the Gatorlands blog, so they'll be up soonishly, but after the weekend, as my Note (aka the roll of toilet paper I'm "writing") is due Monday.

Fear not. You have not read the last of me.


Your Jeannie

*For the non-Athenians, Detour was Athens's gay bar of yore.

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Jeremy said...

I like your berber carpet.