Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I really can't say enough good about the non-meaty food I've been eating lately. Who needs meat when there's so much healthy deliciousness? Anyhoo, here's what I made for dinner tonight, for anyone who is interested, which is probably nobody.

What you need:
1 15 oz. block of extra firm tofu
soy sauce
asian chili sauce
orange marmalade OR apricot preserves
ground ginger

Drain the tofu and chop it into leetle pieces. In a non-stick pan (or a pot, which I use to minimize splatters), put a little oil in the bottom and put the pan over high heat, but do NOT LET THE OIL HEAT UP before you put the tofu in, and here's why - there is a LOT of water in tofu, and if the oil is hot when you put the tofu in, a massive column of flames will shoot into the air.

Ask me some time how I know.

So, cookity cook cook cook the tofu cubes, like 5-10 minutes, something like that, until they are getting a bit golden. Then dump the tofu on a plate of paper towels and drain, and wipe out the pan/pot completely. Put a little MORE oil in the pan and put the tofu back in over high heat. Add soy sauce (and nutritional yeast if you're into that, which I am, and it's delicious) and cook the living heck out of it til it's all tough and leathery because nothing is grosser than mushy tofu, and nothing is fried chickenier than supercooked tofu, except, of course, for actual fried chicken.

Once it's all good and fried chickeny (prob takes like 10 minutes) throw in a blob of orange marmalade (maybe like a tablespoon or two) and some chili sauce/paste to taste. Sprinkle with ground ginger to taste and cook til the sauce kind of thickens and becomes a glaze.

And voila. Delicious, meat-free, Chinese-food-tasting goodness. Eat with rice, salad, noodles, or nothing. Also causes much less farting than the veggie burger recipe.


Oh, also, green onions or leeks would be delicious as well.

Regarding the farting - I was wrong. Beware of too much chili sauce.

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PunkyBean said...

Sounds fab! I'll give it a try...