Thursday, February 5, 2009

you're my cuppycake

So most of you know that this lawyer thing does not seem to be my cup of tea. I am trying a lot harder this semester and everything, but that doesn't really mean I like it. I've been told about a gajillion times over the past year and a half at school that I missed my calling and should have been a baker.

Well, I agree. My tentative and completely unformulated plan is to mayyyyybe do lawyer stuff for a few years, and then burn out and open a bakery. And there will be yummy thiiiiiiings like cupcakes, coooookiiiiiiiies, big cakes, muffiny goodnesses, and all manner of baked-up delectabilities. Because I just love, love, love baking, I decided to combine that with my love of tattoos. Eventually I would like to have a whole smorgasbord (I spelled that right on the first try!) of yummy items inked on me. See how cute this looks?


Only I do not intend to ever get tattooed on the abdomen because I am sure that one day I will catch the unplanned pregnancy, and I will NOT have it destroying my breasts, vagina, sex life, and my artwork.

So instead I am going to get probably a half sleeve and maybe some shoulder of baked goods. Yesterday, I got the ball rolling with a FABBALOUS cupcake! I took this sketch that I found on the internets just kind of for a starting point:


And he drew it all up and came up with this!

(arteest: Chris Huff @ Ink Wizards in Conyers)

Which is the bestest most wonderfullest thing I ever saw, and I love it SOOO MUCH!
YAYYYYY!!!!!!! :) :) :)


Also, I was surprised afterwards at how my arm looked much more bulbous and jiggly than I ever noticed before, but then I realized that's because it is verra, verra swollen.

Anyhooz, I am really really happy with it. Yayyyy!

That's all!


Mary said...

Yes, everyone it is real. Apparently I was the only doubter of the cuppycake.

KMH-F said...

When you decide to open your bakery/tattoo parlor let me know. I've been toying with the idea of a vegan bakery and need a partnah! Oh, and don't feel bad about the law school thing. I'm working on my MEd. and realized the other day that I really hate teenagers. Oops! Time for something different...thousands of dollars later.