Sunday, March 8, 2009

Beelzebub has a devil put aside for meeeeeeeeee!!

The weather is BEAUTY-FULL, and I am having the best days ever of no school and sun and warmth, etc, so I am being less life-lazy and more blog-lazy and poaching funny from the library's most recent newsletter crossword puzzle.

I bet I could have gotten away with it though, because who ever even looks at those? You should though; they're totally funny.

Noble v. Bradford Marine, Inc.
789 F.Supp. 395, 397 (S.D.Fla.,1992)

"As a result, Prime Time's removal, almost ten months after Muir commenced suit, is untimely and is a defect deemed “way” improvident. For similar reasons, the court finds that removal of the Noble case, which had been remanded, was also untimely. In short, Prime Time's most bogus attempt at removal is “not worthy” and the Defendants must “party on” in state court."

How many of you kids even get this reference? Here's a most excellent hint:

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