Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A Day Like Any Other

Did you ever have the kind of day where you walked in to your Constitutional Law class, settled into your front row seat, and then were pleased to notice that your professor was looking especially SMOKIN' fucking hot, and then g-chat to your friend that you wouldn't mind giving your professor's ankle a little nibble on account of those sexy ass shoes she's wearing, only to have your professor then confiscate your laptop in the middle of class after you inadvertently click a youtube link that makes it BLARE music not once but twice?

And then did you nearly pee your pants with worry for the remaining 40 minutes of class that she might demand to see what kind of screwing around you were doing on the internets during her fascinating Free Exercise Clause lecture and thus might see the still-open chat window, revealing your newly developed foot fetish, which exists entirely because of her?

And then when all said and done, did you end up loving her extra because when you went to her office to apologize for being a douchey idiot, she immediately started to laugh and apologized to you because she felt guilty for embarrassing you and prancing around with your laptop in front of 80 people?

Anybody? No? Just me? Come on!


Morgan said...

ooohhh! Me! Me!
*points frantically to self*

Can I just say that I have been permanently scarred and thereby dissuaded from ever having R rated conversations over g-chat during class? Will not happen. Ever. Again.

Okay, well that could be a lie...I'm thinking about that outfit here...okay, yeah...we'll just say that I'll refrain for at least the rest of the week!

You = my hero! :-D

Chatty Ali said...

that is in fact the funniest thing I've EVER HEARD. YOU ANKLE-NIBBLER!!! :)

Marcus said...

I was just thinking earlier today how great this year of law school would be to make into a drama series or movie. You have just added another storyline to the script I am going to write.

Keep up the shameless glorifying of professors. I love it.