Friday, May 22, 2009

weirdest email ever

Remember my fabulous family trip to Gatorland, in which my family and I got to feed ravenous, bloodthirsty alligators, and in which Ryan threw a slab of rotten steak onto one unlucky alligator's back and ruined its life? OF COURSE YOU DO.

And in that post, I included this video, which is really pretty anti-climactic because it is all blurry and shiz, and you cannot really see the bloodthirstiness of the gators or even the flying steaks, but can only hear some crummy plopping noises, so you totally do not get a good view of the imminent danger we were in, and thus might actually think it was a video from the inside of a rather large public toilet.

Anyhooters, regarding that video, I received this email, which even I think is totally weird.



The Devil's Daughter-In-Law said...

OMG, that really IS the weirdest email ever.

What was your reply???

jeannie said...

I told him that they are neither mine, nor are the pictured alligators my friends (grammatical eye roll), but that for the cost of just 39USD (plus travel expenses to Orlando, Florida from I believe the UK), he too can throw slabs of steak at the gators and film their frenzy.